B&B The Medieval Tower
Staying in history ... an unforgettable experience

Marne has an ancient origin ... dates back to the time of the domination of Rome, as evidenced by the remains still visible today. The Corvo bridge on the river Brembo, from which the Roman road Milan-Bergamo passed, and of which at present the mighty remains of the central pillar and part of the massive walls on which the arches were laid, is from the Roman era. In a document of the year 976 the locality is mentioned as "Vico Marno". In addition to the castle, Marne still has a tower from the Middle Ages. Tradition reports that the Saints Fermo and Rustico, before their translation to Verona, where they suffered martyrdom, were imprisoned in one of the towers of Marne (probably ours!), For a day and a night. Because of the presence of the castle, its territory was one of the main protagonists in the fratricidal struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines. It was during this period that numerous towers were built and that a defensive wall was built around the village, making Marne a center of great military importance. After this period, Marne continued to be a major center in the area, both for its proximity to the communication route, which was mandatory for those coming from the State of Milan, had to reach Bergamo, and because it was one of the very few countries to own a bridge over the Brembo river (the Corvo bridge)


In the small medieval village of Marne, right next to the Castle, an ancient 12th century tower, finely restored in total respect of the existing buildings thanks to the owners' passion that with patient research and sure good taste have brought this place back to the splendor of the past.

Are you thinking about a holiday in the Lombardy countryside between Bergamo and Milan or do you just want to relax after a day's work? Do you love places and atmospheres of other times? "La Torre Medioevale" will welcome you with its ancient and refined charm offering you the exclusivity of the place for unforgettable stays. We will always welcome you with a smile.

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