The Suites

A dream that has become Reality  

Our Suites

In unique and intimate environments, with more space and more comfort, the four Suites are furnished with sobriety and style, comfort and good taste in the colors and atmospheres typical of the Boutique Hotels. The chic and elegant design, made of warm colors, fabrics, soft beds for guests looking for tranquility, services and constant attention. Every guest can feel they are the first to stay there, since every room is sanitized with the oxidising power of ozone to purify, sanitise, disinfect and deodorise environments naturally and ecologically. Ozone makes bacteria and viruses inactive, eliminates bad smells like smoke, destroys dust mites, insects, bacteria, spores and moulds in an entirely natural way. Our guests can therefore be sure of being the first to enjoy a truly sterilized and clean environment.

La Suite della Torre: a Tower apartment on three floors.

La Suite del Cavaliere: a large room at the base of the Tower.
Suite la Segreta: a studio with vaulted ceilings in the ancient cellars of the Tower.
Suite La Cortigiana: a studio flanked by the Tower in the ancient rooms of relevance.